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Waveguide Bends & Twists


Made to order, these bends and twists feature precision machining from solid copper alloy, a gold plated finish and a choice of flanges compatible with the latest standards. They are primarily aimed at frequencies beyond 100 GHz where precision and high quality are mandatory for optimum performance. Bends and twists manufactured from drawn waveguide with fitted flanges are also available, and are generally suited to requirements below 100 GHz, or where long runs of waveguide are needed.

General Features

  • High precision
  • Custom lengths
  • Low loss
  • Up to 750 GHz
  • Physically robust

WR2.2 E Plane 90 Degree Bend

Waveguide WR22 Twist

Model Number
E Plane 90o Bend  
 Model Number
H Plane 90o Bend
 Model Number
Twist 90o
 Waveguide Designation IEEE waveguide definition  Standard Flange Designation 
     Frequency       Coverage (GHz)
VTWGE-28-X VTWGH-28-X  VTWGTW-28-X  WR 28   UG 599/U 26.5 - 40
VTWGE-22-X VTWGH-22-X  VTWGTW-22-X  WR 22   UG 383/U 33 - 50 
VTWGE-19-X VTWGH-19-X  VTWGTW-19-X  WR 19   UG 383/U 40 - 60 
VTWGE-15-X VTWGH-15-X  VTWGTW-15-X  WR 15   UG 385/U 50 - 75
VTWGE-12-X VTWGH-12-X  VTWGTW-12-X  WR 12   UG 387/U 60 - 90
VTWGE-10-X VTWGH-10-X  VTWGTW-10-X  WR 10 WM-2540 UG 387/U-M 75 - 110
VTWGE-08-X VTWGH-08-X  VTWGTW-08-X  WR 08 WM-2032 UG 387/U-M 90 - 140
VTWGE-06-X VTWGH-06-X  VTWGTW-06-X  WR 06 WM-1651 UG 387/U-M 110 - 170
VTWGE-05-X VTWGH-05-X  VTWGTW-05-X  WR 05 WM-1295 UG 387/U-M 140 - 220
VTWGE-04-X VTWGH-04-X  VTWGTW-04-X  WR 04 WM-1092 UG 387/U-M 170 - 260
VTWGE-03-X VTWGH-03-X  VTWGTW-03-X  WR 03 WM-864 UG 387/U-M 220 - 330 -3
VTWGE-2.8-X VTWGH-2.8-X  VTWGTW-2.8-X  WR 2.8 WM-710 UG 387/U-M 260 - 400
VTWGE-2.2-X VTWGH-2.2-X  VTWGTW-2.2-X  WR 2.2 WM-570 UG 387/U-M 330 - 500
VTWGE-1.5-X VTWGH-1.5-X  VTWGTW-1.5-X  WR 1.5 WM-380 UG 387/U-M 500 - 750
1. New definitions for use above 110 GHz have been proposed by IEEE in order to accomodate standards up to 1.1 THz.
2. There are variations in industry 'standard' flanges.When ordering waveguides > 100 GHz advise required flange PIN and hole dimensions.
3. Waveguide WR 03 historically covers 220-325 GHz however the new standard WM-864 extends coverage to 220-330 GHz.
4. How to Order : specify Model number with required length eg. VTWGE-1.5-50 is an E plane bend in WR1.5 with a length of 50 mm.

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