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Cryogenic Primary Noise Standard


VivaTech's Cryogenic Primary Noise Source is intended for laboratory use as an absolute reference standard to calibrate or determine device or system noise performance.

VivaTech has developed a unique Cryogenic Primary Noise Standard System -VTPN Series- to meet the increasing demands for precision low noise calibration, especially in the millimeter-wave and sub millimeter-wave [THz] frequency domain. The VTPN system features a set of interchangeable high performance broadband waveguide feed-horns viewing absorbers with known characteristics at the boiling point of liquid nitrogen (LN2). With a built-in PC and VivaTech's proprietary software, operation and data collection is placed simply at the users' finger tips

General Features

  • New side entry design - convenient connections to waveguide components or systems
  • Flexible waveguide orientation avoids bends and twists
  • Simplified precision temperature control system, no water cooling unit required
  • Interchangeable feed horns covering millimeter-wave to THz
  • Automatic or manual liquid nitrogen LN2 filling
  • Fully automated operation with built-in PC
  • Real time output noise temperature displays at any frequency with full data logging


Frequency (GHz) Effective Noise Temperature (K) -1 Waveguide
18 - 26 83.27 WR 42
26 - 40 82.98 WR 28
50 - 75 83.45 WR 15
 75 - 110  83.95 WR 10
 90 - 140  85.20 WR 08
110 - 170  81.06 WR 06
 140 - 220  79.27 WR 05
 220 - 275  76.82 WR 3.4
325 - 400  71.31 WR 3.4
 400 - 500 65.60 WR 2.2
1. Typical average mid band noise temperature

Millimeter Wave Cryogenic Noise Standard

Typical Output Temperature Display

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